Duck Commanders hit the stage

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The hit T.V. show “Duck Dynasty” is being brought to the stage as a Broadway production in Las Vegas. The family has written a 90 minute script that includes a 14 song score and a mix of music that includes country, blues and show tunes. The musical is based on Willie Robertson’s book about the family going from “rags to riches.” A group of actors from Broadway has agreed to play the parts of Jay, Phil, Si, and Willie Robertson and their family. “The Duck Commander Family Musical” will hit the stage in February of 2015. It will be performed at the Las Vegas Rio Casino and Hotel where the “Chippendales” musical is being performed now.

“Duck Dynasty” is a reality show that portrays the lives of the Robertsons and how they obtained their wealth. They have become rich by selling their top-of-the-line duck calls and duck hunting equipment. The show brings together the business and professional part of their lives with the strangeness of their family.

Trying to adapt T.V. show characters to a musical is much more difficult than doing so with movie characters. “Aladdin,” “The Lion King,” “Shrek” and many other movie to musical adaptions have proved quite promising. “The specificity and the strangeness of the family’s lives and home are a great fit for a compelling musical,” said Steve Morris, one of the composers of the Duck Dynasty musical.

There has been controversy over the T.V. show becoming a musical because of  comments made by Phil Robertson about African Americans and the comparison of homosexuality to bestiality. The comments were made during an interview with the Robertsons. Phil Robertson was suspended from the show. The show was given low ratings because of his suspension, but he was eventually able to come back. Nothing is being done about the comments made.  Broadway members who are liberal, gay or both are offended that some of their Broadway colleagues are performing in the show. Michael David, the Broadway producer who is putting the show together said:  “The show will end up challenging the views and assumptions of people across the political spectrum, more than most theater does.”