Overfishing is a big problem

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A lot of people love to eat fish but don’t understand the damage overfishing can cause to the environment. Overfishing is a big problem that is worldwide. Overfishing is basically catching too many fish, and then they cannot maintain their population. One of the main causes of overfishing is that there is too much fishing capacity. ” Worldwide, fishing fleets are two to three times as large as needed to take present day catches of fish and other marine species and as what our oceans can sustainably support. On a global scale we have enough fishing capacity to cover at least four Earth like planets,” according to Overfishing.org.

If we continue to overfish, we are at risk of losing a food source. Also, species are going extinct, and ecosystems are collapsing. According to the biannual report The State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture(SOFIA), done by the the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), scientists claim that “52% of fish stocks are fully exploited, 20% are moderately exploited, 17% are over exploited, 7% are depleted and 1%are recovering from depletion.”

A good example of the problems with overfishing occurred in Newfoundland, Canada. The cod fishing industry was the region’s main source of income, but they had reduced the population of cod fish so much over the years that at the beginning of the season in 1992 there were no cod fish. Over 40,000 people lost there jobs. The cod fish population has still not recovered from the disaster. If we keep fishing at this rate, in about 25 years many important fish stocks will be gone.

“The big fish, the bill fish, the groupers, the big things will be gone. It is happening now. If things go unchecked, we’ll have a sea full of little horrible things that nobody wants to eat. We might end up with a marine junkyard dominated by plankton,” Dr. Daniel Pauly said.

There is still time to fix the problem, but we have to act fast before it’s too late. We need to set limits on the amount of fish taken and make regulations on the techniques used to catch the fish so other fish aren’t harmed in the process .It could take decades or even centuries before the populations are back to the way they were.