Coach Steinorth on Newfield girls varsity basketball

Coach Steinorth on Newfield girls varsity basketball

With basketball season upon us, I recently was able to sit down and talk with Coach Steinorth, the coach of the Varsity Girls Basketball team about this year’s team. Coach Steinorth is in his ninth year of coaching basketball. His first two years were coaching the modified team, then he moved to JV girls, and now he’s head coach of the varsity girls’ team.

We are wondering how this year’s team compares to last year’s team, and I asked him about that; he said that last year he had one to two players who had played significant minutes at a varsity level before last season, so that meant he would have a younger team that was experienced in basketball but not at the varsity level last season. This year he has about 4-5 girls who have played significant minutes; they’re still young but have experience. The team’s point guard is a sophomore, and their leading scorer is a junior. “I have kids playing very, very hard,” Steinorth said about my question on how strong this team is this year; he also added, “I have a group of folks who work well with each other.” The current team’s speed is good, and they are strong at scoring in a number of different ways. He also said that this team finishes in the paint a lot better than last year’s team. A concern that Steinorth has is in passing; they have to improve the handling the ball as a team, and he added that multiple people will be handling the ball on offense.

It was a tough year last year for this team. They did well but came up short. The boys made it to the championship game, and it would have been awesome to watch the girls right before that game, but I know I’m looking forward to this year. This is Coach Steinorth’s second year coaching at the varsity level, so he feels it’s more comfortable for the girls that he’s in his second year. The team is more experienced than last year. “Our division has coaches that have been doing this for two to three decades,” Steinorth said.

I asked Steinorth how he liked coaching here at Newfield, and  he said he enjoyed it;  he also added that “It’s very nice to work with students where they choose to be.”

There’s not one opponent that stands out to the other teams this year; this is the first year in a long time that that’s the case. Newfield is focused on taking one game at a time and not stressing over who they have to play in three weeks. “There will be no nights that will be easy – all have to be hard fought wins,” Steinorth said.  Will Newfield bring home an IAC title this year? “Not a game on our schedule that we can’t win and not one we can’t lose,” Steinorth said. Steinorth said he knows his team is capable of accomplishing the goal.

Candor won Newfield’s division last year, but Newfield looks like they will challenge at the top this year. The team has set their goals, and they hope to accomplish them. The team is working extremely hard to accomplish this year what they wanted to accomplish last year.  I think you can see that with how much time these girls dedicated over the summer and fall. They put in tons of work before the season even started.

The team’s current standing is 10-4.  This team looks like they will be fighting hard all season to get that IAC title. I wish Coach Steinorth and the girls the best of luck in their upcoming games.