3D Food Printing

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Everyone wants to do things on their own but things don’t always come out as planned, especially with cooking. Not everyone can cook the perfect meal out of their cook books, but with the help of 3D printing, you might just be able to get that perfect looking dish right out of the book.

3D printing was first started in the 1980’s, originally called Rapid Prototyping, and was intended to make a exact prototype of something and at a much cheaper cost.

With new 3D food printers hitting the market in the near future, many people, at least those with the money, can have their own professional robotic chef. So far 3D food printers are very primitive, only being able to make uncooked cookies, pastries, pizza dough, and even certain types of pasta, but there is still a big demand for 3D food printing technology with some people even saying that 3D printers will be as common as a microwave.

But how does it work? First you will have to  choose fresh ingredients and prepare them for the printers capsules. After this is done, you load the capsules into the 3D printer called “The Foodini” and simply hit the start button and “The Foodini” will start to make exactly what you programmed it to do. Once “The Foodini” is done, if your 3D meal doesn’t need require any other steps, you’re ready to eat!

What was once a dream of the future may soon be a common reality.