The Road to Carnegie Hall

The bus ride was silent, at first, but as the members of Newfield High School chorus woke up, we realized that it was finally happening. We were on the road to Carnegie Hall.

This trip was funded by a combination of private donations and various forms of fundraising, including a spaghetti dinner hosted by the school. Little by little, our chorus whittled away at the $12,000 trip cost. Each member paid their own passage by selling chocolate bars and fruit, and we were excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our home town chorus was about to sing on a world class stage in front of thousands of people, and we were the smallest school there.

This was an invitational event, which means that although we may be a small school, our chorus has a reputation which precedes it. Mr. MacDonald has been instrumental in establishing this reputation through hard work and dedication. The director of the event, Dr. Peggy Dettwiler, selected eight of the best choirs that were directed by her past students, one of which was MacDonald.