Girls IAC Chamionship


Ke'Andra Malone, Contributor

The Newfield Trojan Girls Basketball Team fought to the finish against the Blue Devil Moravia Girls basketball team. They played in the TC3 gym in order to win the IAC championships. IAC stands for Interscholastic Athletic Conference. This program holds championships for all sports and divides the schools up by region and size.

The gym was packed with fans from both schools, and there was so much cheering. That only stopped when there was a foul shot. The Newfield Trojans sadly did not win. The girls, coach, Brandon Steinorth, is also a Global 9 and Government teacher. Steinorth has been coaching for Newfield Central Schools for a total of nine years. He has been coaching varsity for two years, and this year is the first time he has seen the IAC championships with a varsity team. Before he made his courageous jump up to varsity, he went to the IAC championships twice while coaching his junior varsity team.

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Steinorth and pick his brain about the game. Going into the game, “We felt good about what we were able to do on the basketball court,” Steinorth said. The team prepared for an entire week. Ashley Tyskewicz, post, spoke about the team’s preparations. “Having so much time was nice because we were able to work through anything that could possibly happen,” Tyskewicz said, “but having so much time also means that we had the chance to overthink it.”

By the end of the third quarter, Mariyah Byrd, point guard, managed to acquire four fouls.  Steinorth chuckled, and stated that with Byrd so close to her last foul, he pulled her. “It gives a chance for other people on the floor to step up” and that the other players on his team “need to know that they are capable without her on the floor.”  Then the trickiest decision is deciding when to put her back in. “I made the decision to put her back in at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and any coach will tell you that is early.” Steinorth said.

But this loss did not effect their ranking. It just means that they didn’t win the championship. “Hopefully this loss will motivate the girls in sectionals on Friday when they play Moravia again, and will motivate next year’s team,” Steinorth said. The girls came out in the first half like a firecracker, then after halftime, “the momentum teetered in Moravia’s direction” Steinorth said.

“I feel like the 13 point lead hurt us and that the girls played tentatively during the third quarter, but we played hard,” Steinorth said. The girls have a chance to replay Moravia on Friday, and he hopes the team makes the most of it.

“As a coach you go through after the game trying to think of all the good things that happened during the game. Unfortunately, human nature makes you harp on the bad things. There are things that I would like to change about the things I did, like having a different defense at the end, and I wouldn’t have taken the team off of the court during halftime,” Steinorth said. “But they have to be able to come out of the locker room with the intensity that they go in there with.”