Newfield presents… Mary Poppins!

Newfield drama club’s latest production brings smiles to all.


Three long months of vigorous rehearsal of lines, dance numbers and catchy melodies have left cast and crew members of our drama club downright exhausted. It’s a bit unexpected—yet inspiring—to see just how overjoyed and ecstatic the whole cast is during the last days leading up to the big opening night…even during the dreaded “tech week.”

Each day, cast members dedicate hours after school to make the production the best it can possibly be. If that means working perpetually until nine o’clock at night, then so be it! Most of us would be unable to dedicate such time on a single project, but to all the cast and crew members, it’s just natural.

In fact, it’s even enjoyable for these people. As many would guess, a significant number of individuals who are in the musical are also members of the Newfield choir. They are all devoted and animated singers and performers—it unsurprisingly shows even offstage. During choir rehearsals, it’s not unusual to hear chatter about opening night, characters and lines, past theatre recollections, even inside jokes (that only cast members appreciate).

The performers hope to have four successful shows throughout the next couple of weeks. Though it’s clear that they are all exceptionally anxious, it’s impossible to disregard the passion and buoyancy they exude (and will continue to) throughout the days…let’s hope they remain the same way onstage!