Newfield feeds their own


Cody Frederick, Contributor

On Saturday, April 25, the Newfield community joined together to help with the Garden Project. For this project the school plans to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables, but the food isn’t just to help the school. Even though some of the food goes to the cafeteria and the food exploration class taught by Life and Career Skills teacher, Barbara Mott, the rest of the food will go to the food bank to be given to people in the need of food.

Although the food will help the school and those in need, this project is a great way to bring in people who don’t normally talk around the community and have them work together as a unit to get a job done that will help others and our community as a whole.

This project sets an example for people all around, that people of all races, gender, size and age can help the community and work together as equals.  It’s amazing what people can learn not only about the garden itself but about one another when they have a common goal to bond them together to achieve their goal. The project may have achieved the goal of getting everyone to work as a unit for one day but it’s a garden, and gardens need lots of work to stay alive.

Mrs. DeLorenzo has the same belief that the community needs to be involved, and she said, “if the community can stay involved and bring the energy we saw for the first step of the project then I believe that the garden will have a long lasting positive impact on our community.” What Mrs. D said is true that in order for the garden to have a positive impact on the community, the people need to stay involved and bring the same positive energy that they brought on the first step of the project.

A way to stay involved with the project is to start a garden club and Mr. Battles the earth science teacher at the school who is behind most garden project’s development wants to start a garden club next year for students to stay after school a few times a week to help maintain the gardens. Mr. Battles also has students getting hired by the school to come in over the summer and take care of the garden and harvest and replant everything that they grow. This project as a whole is a great way to help the community and a way to bring people together and have some fun and the best part is it’s all for a better cause.