Newfield Homecoming 2015-2016

Newfield Homecoming 2015-2016

Chyanne Castrechino, Contibutor

Usually the high school student council puts on a homecoming dance for the students. But the student council started a new tradition during the 2014-2015 school year. They put on a school wide bonfire for the students to kick off the new school year.

In an interview with a member of student council, Jordan Adams said, “We were thinking of doing a homecoming dance but the students seemed to enjoy the bonfire last year and it wouldn’t have been possible to put on a homecoming dance with the very little time we had to prepare.”

During the week of October 5th the student council will come together to put on a spirit week along with homecoming for the high school students and staff to participate in.

Spirit week will consist of different days that will allow the students to dress up and show their school spirit. The days of spirit week consist of athletic day, camo vs. tie dye vs. patriotic day, twin day, superhero day, and green and white day. To end spirit week there will be a pep rally held in the gymnasium on October 9th during 9th period for the high school students and staff.

On Saturday October 10th there will be a homecoming varsity football game with a school wide bonfire starting at 7 pm. All high school students are allowed to attend as long as no detentions need serving.

The week before spirit week the students and high school students will have the chance to sign up to participate in games for the pep rally during their lunch period and vote for homecoming court, consisting of a king, queen, princes and princesses.

A student at Newfield high school Matthew Johnson said, “I like the idea of the bonfire, but it is weird going from having a traditional homecoming dance to a bonfire instead.”

At the bonfire there will be food sold by the Senior Classes Up All Night Committee along with glow sticks from the student council.

In an interview with Ms. Sterio, one of the co-advisors for student council, said, “The student council is working very hard to put on spirit week and the homecoming bonfire. They have put in overtime to accomplish planning homecoming and as one of the advisors I fully support them and how hard they work to help create an amazing spirit week and homecoming for their fellow class mates.”