NHS Homecoming Weekend


Casey Bledsoe, Contributor

On Saturday, October 10, the Newfield varsity football team played against nearby high school Spencer Van-Etten and lost 26-22, marking homecoming weekend.

Saturday night Newfield student council members organized a “Homecoming Bonfire.” At this bonfire, each grade had two electives for homecoming King and Queen or Prince and Princess. Crowned for the Freshman, Gabe Wood-Ellis and Jillian Esposito; Sophomores, Caitlin Howell and Alex Borgella; Juniors, Patrick King and Devonn Mckenna; and for this year’s homecoming King and Queen of the Seniors, Cole Banfield and Mackenzie Green.
Activities at the fire were held to a minimum. Warm hot chocolate and snacks were provided by the booster club for a dollar. Walking around and talking or standing at the fire trying to keep warm took up a majority of the whole two hours. “It would be better if we could actually get near the fire to feel it,” senior Sage Duff said. Students were not allowed to get within a certain distance of the fire; barely close enough to feel the heat.

In consideration for next year, maybe having other things to do such as games for entertainment including prizes. “There’s not much really to do here but hang out with people,” a freshman Carson Miller said. “It’s a good idea but they should give more freedom to the students, have chairs and or bleachers around the fire with someone handing out s’mores,” senior Sarah Sexton said.