Newfield High School To Present “High School Musical”

Newfield High School To Present



Newfield NY

This year’s musical is none other than “High School Musical.” The Newfield Drama Department will present this musical on March 12- 13th and March 18 – 19th.

To find out what’s going on behind the scenes, I interviewed some key people who have key parts in the show. I met with Ms. Lori White about her experiences in her 35 years as director of the Drama Department. When I asked her about her favorite part about directing shows, she said, “Seeing it all together is exciting.”

Among the stars that remain on stage, there are stars back stage that also play a key role in the musical. Without the stage crew none of the musical would be possible. I caught up with stage crew manager Steve Yaple, and he reflected on what he has learned from his experiences on his years backstage. He has been the head of stage crew for 12 years at Newfield. He addressed my question by stating, “My son Eric asked me to help and given the fact that I had been stage manager in High School for 6 years, I agreed.”

These two individuals have made these musicals better and better as the years go on. So get your head in the game and come out for a night of fun when Newfield presents High School Musical