Girls and Boys IAC Championship and Sectionals Games

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Last year, the varsity boys and girl’s basketball teams traveled to TC3 for the IAC Championship game against Moravia. The girls lost by one point in the closing seconds of the game, while on the other side, the boys were victorious against Moravia by winning by a score of  44-43.

Well, they are back at it again at TC3 against Moravia in an epic showdown. The girls looked to win the IAC Championship game, the first in over 30 years! But with the constant turnovers and missed shots, they came up short in the end.

Now on the other side, the boys were trying to defend the IAC Championship title with a close victory for the Trojans with a win over Moravia. But this year is a little different; the boys ended up getting beat 63-55 to Moravia in an epic showdown. Now the boys and girls move on to Sectionals with the girls already advancing with a win against the Walton Warriors and the boys playing Notre Dame.

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