Books for the World


Rhianna Mosher, Contributor

Newfield’s very own Interact Club is collecting books to be sent around the world. The Books for the World gathers your unwanted books to send to countries in need of them. Interact is an extension of and works with The Rotary Club, an organization of people who volunteer in the service of their communities. Our club is aligned with the Ithaca Rotary Club to get as many books donated as we can to send around the world.

The Rotary Club is located all over the world and many clubs in the U.S. have participated in this project as well. They started doing this project in 2001 and have been continuing it since. It has been over a decade now and over 6 million books have been donated. Many countries that  books are sent to their economies are struggling and poverty is ruling them. Their young need education and these books help them.

Many areas around the world cannot afford books or education. This project allows people in those areas to get some great books and education that they need or want. Newfield has done this project for a few years, and each year so many have contributed books. Last year over a thousand books were donated. This year Interact hopes to break the record!

The Interact Club means different things to many people. To a lot of people it means  just connecting to the people around you. To others the importance of it is the service and the helping hands it offers. There are many different projects that the club can do, but Newfield’s big project for the past few years has been Books for the World.

Are there unwanted books on your shelves or in your garage? Those books may not be useful for you anymore but to others around the world they can make a difference. Donate those books and put them in good hands.

Our Books for the World project has already begun and will continue until April collecting books. Bring your books to the Newfield High School and help the people in need.