Mr. Johnston

Welcome to Newfield!


You may think that being a librarian is easy, but the truth is, it is actually very difficult. Mr. Andrew Johnston goes out of his way to make sure that the Newfield students have the right books that are needed for book reviews or book projects.

Johnston is originally from Buffalo, New York, specifically the village of Kenmore. “I first started to love books  when I was a young boy and my mom would read “Quick As a Cricket” to me, and I started to explore the book universe, reading “Doctor Doolittle” and “The Magic School Bus,”‘ Johnston said.

Johnston first decided to be a librarian when he was in high school.  He then went to college at The University of Buffalo and did his undergraduate in American Studies, which is mostly 20th century history. He then went on to earn his  Graduate degree for School Librarianship. He became a librarian because he decided that it was a good career choice and because he had a great love of books.

Johnston became the librarian at Newfield because after he was rejected from Buffalo, Newfield called and asked if he would like to work for them. He had a big decision to make, and lucky for us he chose to come to Newfield to be our librarian.

Johnston loves working here at Newfield Central School District because it is a great opportunity to work at a small school and he loves the area, as well as helping the students find their love for books. His favorite part of being a librarian is finding the right books for students to read, and  he also loves the joy of going to a new world to explore.

A typical day for Mr. Johnston starts with opening the library to welcome the  students. He then checks his e-mail to see if there is any big news going on at the school, such as staff meetings or assemblies.  Some days, Johnston has to prepare for the day with lesson plans. Once a month, he decides what to do for the library display. In addition to that, Mr. Johnston has to catalog books and add new labels. Johnston also needs to decide what books to get rid of and what books to purchase for the library.

Some of the challenges that Johnston faces are trying to discover what books  students would like to read and make sure that they are in the parents’ approval rating. He also needs to determine what students would like to read, and he makes sure the students are safe and feel like they can come back and read more books.

“I knows what books to add to the library collection by reading Public School Review,” Johnston said.  He also reads a  trade in magazine and Young Library Review, and he especially appreciates suggestions from the students on what kinds books that they would like to read.

That is what a librarian is, so we should not take advantage of Mr. Johnston. Let’s show  him  some respect, even  if we help  him out with labeling books and getting good books for the library. He is doing all this work to make sure that we have an amazing school year and a good place to just sit and read quietly.  In previous years, we never had a couch in the library where we could just sit  and read quietly with no interruption.


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