Newfield Prom


So much preparation goes into this one night for those buying suits or those renting tuxes and those buying and renting dresses. People even have hair appointments and doing their makeup; it can take hours to get ready because it’s important to people as it’s the last big hurrah before we hit graduation. It is known as Prom.

“I had a lot of fun,” said Luke Biskup, a senior, who along with his girlfriend of three years were voted into the prom court. Prom was at The Barn in Danby; a small but pretty and cozy venue that seemed right for the humble class and their guests. There was enough room for everyone to dance and enough room for everyone to sit, even having a deck to get fresh air. Snacks were provided and a friendly atmosphere pervaded the room. “It definitely was a great time,” said Bailey Olmstead, another senior. “I came for the fondue,” said Tyler Gardner, remarking on the fondue on the snack table.

Later in the night voting commenced for Prom King and Queen and the Prom Court with only Newfield seniors were eligible to vote and be voted for, so a long line formed with everyone voting in good fun. Class  Adviser Vicki Tibbals announced the winners. The Prom King and Queen were Seamus Ober and Lexi Shay and the Court consisted of Luke Biskup, Reanna Furmen, Jeffrey Allen, and Mackenzie Green.

Prom was a successful night and a good last hurrah for all the senior class before graduation. A fun time for everyone.