An Exchange of Information with Marek Nadvornik


Michelle Cirulli, Contributor

For those who don’t know, we have an exchange student at Newfield. His name is Marek Nadvornik, and he lives with a family by the name of Banfield. Their son, Patrick, also goes to Newfield.

Marek described how he likes the school so far, and he said, “It is quite different from what I’m used to, but I like it here so far, and it’s getting better each day.”

He came over to the United States from the Czech Republic during the summer, and now is in the senior class at Newfield. But once he goes back to his home town, he has two more years of school left, which isn’t the norm in the United States. In the Czech Republic, students go for two more years of schooling because that’s how their school system works.

He has made many friends in Newfield who he likes to hang out with, and enjoys the culture surrounding Newfield. He enjoys spending time outside of school with them, and is always excited to see new people.

Some things are a bit different from the Czech Repubic, such as how to ask for help from a teacher. Instead of just calling them by their last name, in the Czech Republic, Marek said, “We call our teachers by teacher, not their surname.”

He has made many friends in Newfield, but also misses his family and friends at home. He said, “I have that thing where you don’t want to go somewhere, then when you’re there, you don’t want to leave.” His friends are also very fond of him and like spending time with him.

One of Marek’s favorite things is basketball, which he cannot wait to play with most of his friends. He also watches English television over in the Czech Republic; his favorites are “Friends” and “Futurama.” He also likes the colors green and black.