Bonfire Lights Up the Hearts and Souls of Local Highschoolers


Mathew Johnson, Contributor

The Newfield Homecoming Bonfire was a resounding success.

On October 7th, between 7-9 PM, Newfield High School hosted its annual homecoming bonfire. This is the third year Newfield has had this event, and it seems to be an event that is becoming a main-stay of the Newfield High School experience.

Admissions were free, since the concessions were planned to cover the bill of the entire event. The concessions offered apple cider, cookies, candy and many other snack foods. Sandy Allen, George Schumacher, Mary Meyers and many other staples of the community were among the vendors at the concession stand.

In addition to concessions the bonfire also had a DJ, Patrick Banfield of the senior class. Patrick DJ’ed the Homecoming dance and bonfire. This is the second year that the bonfire has been DJed and Patrick followed in the footsteps of his older brother, Cole Banfield, who was the DJ last year and graduated last year. Patrick said, “People requested songs and it was fun to DJ.” Starlit Hernandez, a senior, said, “The DJing was good, especially since they played current songs, or today’s hits.”

The bonfire may have lost some of the appeal that it once had, since it no longer holds the Homecoming King/Queen announcements/vote, but many people still attended nonetheless. Danté Rynone, a member of the senior class, said, “The bonfire was lit, and that while their were few festivities, it was fun socializing with my friend Mat.”

The bonfire was widely seen as a successful and fun event, thanks largely in part  to the hard work of Coach Kotoska, the student council and also the custodians at the schools. Coach Kotoska said, “Although there were some minor issues, it was nice to see the students come out and enjoy themselves.” Coach Kotoska and the student council planned the bonfire in advance, while the custodians placed the protective tape around the fire and also built up the fire pit. The local firefighters in the area were also in presence in order to put the fire out in case the fire spread. Luckily the fire did not spread, and everything went as planned.