Drive-E: The Future Of Volvo

Joel Miller, Contributor

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In Volvo’s history great performing, reliable motors have always been a staple of the Volvo brand. From their current line of inline 5 and 6 cylinder motors, they’ve decided to move backwards, and forwards, at the same time.

The new motor that Volvo has come outwith is a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine with turbocharging in the T5 applications making 240 horsepower, with turbo and supercharging in T6 applications making 302 horsepower. In the future Volvo says that the Drive-E will be able to make V-8 like power with the application of Hybridization and will be the most fuel efficient drive-train yet. With continuously variable valve timing, advanced heat dispersion and an all aluminum block, this motor is light and cool, allowing the engine to be more powerful. The Drive-E line includes a diesel 2.0l, a gas 2.0l and a gas 1.5l. The 1.5 liter three cylinder  is soon to be on its way to the states but for now is exclusive to Europe.

With these new motors Volvo hopes to prove that downsizing can be fun. The turboed 3, turboed 4 and super-turbocharged 4 (also known as twin-charged) are set to make a huge impact. Volvo may be paving the way for the future, and the future looks bright.

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Drive-E: The Future Of Volvo