Canned Food Drive Falls Short

Mathew Johnson, Contributor

The Newfield Canned Food Drive was held between 12/5 and 12/16, and was planned to get 1200 cans. The National Honor Society ran the event, with Co-Presidents Eric Allen and Patrick King leading.

Both Jordann and Devonn Mckenna did a lot of the advertising work; all the NHS members each putting up one poster.

The goal for cans was not hit; the number of cans brought in severely less than anticipated. Of the 1200 goal, only 426 cans were brought in. The biggest contributors to the 426 cans was the senior class, who brought in 164 cans. The rest of the grades brought in significantly less, with the freshman class bringing in only 16, sophomores with 76, and the juniors with 41 cans. Since the senior class brought in the most cans, they won a special donuts and apple cider party.