Newfield’s Holiday Assembly

Michelle Cirulli, Contributor

On December 22, 2016, Newfield High School hosted their annual Holiday assembly. It started out with Charley Githler doing his usual poem about the graduating class of 2017. He proceeded to be a straight savage and roast the majority of students. After many laughs during his performance, Dakota Potter, who is in grade 11, played his guitar for his solo piece that captured the audience in awe.

Mr. Pawlewicz and Mr. Ryan acted out the words to “12 Days of Christmas” as the high school teachers sang the song, which captured the audience in laughter each time they acted out a new line from the song.

For example, when the line “On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Five Golden Rings,” was sung Principle Ryan would toss five yellow hula hoops over Mr. Pawlewicz’s head, and the audience would clap every time he made it.

Then Jordann McKenna sang a song while playing the ukulele. “I really like Jordann’s song, and how it went well with everyone’s holiday spirit,” said Jordan Jacobs, a senior at Newfield High School.

After that, Patrick Banfield and Danté Rynone did their short people skit where they dance and go along with the music. Danté and Patrick used their hands and someone stood behind them and operated the feet portion of the short person.

To close the show, the teachers provided a video of all of the teachers ‘Dabbing,’ which is a thing that the younger kids do, that apparently really irritates the staff, along with the other students. It was a tremendously funny video made by Sharon Powell.