Tech in School

Abigail Teeter, Contributer

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Many people ask is it a good idea for technology to be used at school so much? Many people debate it. It usually revolves around cell phones, but school uses a wide variety of  technology daily.

Technology is very nice to have. As a country, we are blessed with a variety of technology, but is it good to be using it so much with the students? Kids are so evolved around technology these days. You have to ask yourself is this a good thing to have so much of it at school too? A lot of the homework assignments today are all posted online these days, and a lot of kids still don’t do their work; either from goofing off on the computer or because they don’t have computer access at home.

My opinion is that technology should be limited. Yes it’s useful for the teachers to have their Smart boards or Star boards, but with students their should be a technology limit. Especially when it comes to homework. It is nice to have auto correct when writing a paper to help improve one’s spelling, but it seems like homework is always online for every class. Also with all the kids using a computer in a class the teachers can’t see who’s doing their work and who isn’t. “Further, a good deal of the emerging research suggests iPads and Chromebooks and smart boards do more distracting from learning than facilitating it” (The Federalists). A lot of the kids, instead of working on class work, are goofing off and are playing games.

Technology is very helpful tool in school and is very much needed. I also understand that students need to prepare with technology for the future for college or for future jobs, but I really think that it’s used a little too much at school. I get that certain classes are dedicated to technology, which is a very helpful class. I really think that we should put some limits to technology in school.

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