Do Fast Food Workers Really Deserve $15 An Hour?

Do Fast Food Workers Really Deserve $15 An Hour?

Bradley Chrisman, Contributor

For the longest of time, fast food workers have been fighting to earn 15 dollars an hour for flipping burgers. But do they really deserve to earn that much for their “super difficult” jobs?

I myself work in a fast food restaurant. I work at Burger King. It really isn’t a hard job. And 15 dollars an hour seems a little much to be be paying us workers. Working in the restaurant can be more annoying than anything else. Sometimes you get the occasional customer that comes in with a bad attitude and is rude to you or will call you some mean names. People can and will act really mean, just over food. It can ruin your entire day sometimes, but that does not mean we deserve more than anybody else.

In 2018 fast food workers will make more than medical assistants, lifeguards, and even preschool teachers.

There are many other people at their jobs that are way worse off than us fast food workers. There are firemen, police officers, paramedics, and even people in the military that have really dangerous jobs and deserve every cent they are paid. They may even deserve more than that. “Flipping burgers” is not worth 15 dollars an hour. It is not a dangerous or hard job.

Fast food workers do not deserve what they’re getting. If anything, they should be getting paid the least amount of money. $8.75 was good pay for fast food workers. 15 dollars is just outrageous and too high a number.