E-books vs. Paper books

Abigail Teeter, Contributor

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Technology is immensely evolving today, especially with reading. A lot of people are still obsessed with reading books, but some people would prefer to read electronically, such as on an ebook.

Many prefer to use and carry ebooks for the convenience. It’s less room in your bag to carry an e-book rather than an actual hard cover heavy duty book, but some people would rather skip the convenience and carry a book. “A recent survey has suggested that 62% of 16- to 24-year-olds prefer reading printed books to ebooks on an e-reading device” (The Guardian). More than half a percentage of a certain age group prefers paper and less than half prefer electronic reading.

Such as I, some people prefer both, but I do usually find myself choosing actual books over e-books. I do prefer one over the other in certain circumstances. I don’t usually care more for the convenience, but more for comfort. This is how it seems for most cases with people.  “I love books. From a very young age I’ve been surrounded by them, and the feel and even the smell of books is something I find incredibly comforting. I love them so much that I wrote a manifesto about how, even if the printed word becomes technically obsolete, I’m never letting go of my books” (Nancy Mitchell, Apartment Therapy). I feel the same when it comes to reading books, and I feel like that’s why a lot of people stick with books because they’re used to them.

Some people assume that others don’t read books because they never see them with a book, but with electronics. This doesn’t mean that they never read; some people actually prefer to read from ebooks over actual books. For me though, I love books and I don’t usually choose reading electronically with an ebook over them. I always feel more comfortable with using a physical hand held book, and I always find them way more relaxing than an ebook.

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