Trumps First 100 Days


Jacob Hartman, Contributor

President Donald J. Trump, our 45 president of the United States, has been in office  for a little over 100 days now. Many were proud and happy when Trump was elected to be president. Now that he’s in office and has been in there for some time, those hopes and dreams were soon crushed.

So what has Donald Trump done in his 100 days in office?  Mr. Trump had ran a good campaign, making many promises to the American people and the labor force of America. Trump had promised to promote fair trade, crackdown on illegal immigration, and promised an “America first” foreign policy. He has also vowed to be a more effective deal maker with foreign trade. What has Donald done so far?

Just so far, President Trump has made a travel ban. This ban regulates those who can come into the country. This was done probably to ease the paranoia of Americans, because with the recent rise of an Islamic extremist group, called ISIS. Trump still proposes his plan of building a wall between the United States and Mexico border. So far we have not seen any start to this wall. It is still a promise Mr. Trump keeps with American people. Trump had repealed many of Obama’s climate change regulation as well. After a chemical attack in Syria, which resulted in many civilian casualties, President Trump responded with an airstrike on a base where these chemical attacks were launched.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump has fired the head of the FBI. James Comey was the lead investigator in a case against Trump. The case involved Trump having ties with Russian government, that the Russian’s supposedly helped Trump win the election. The FBI believes the Russians also had something to do with the leaked emails of Trump’s competition, Mrs. Clinton.