How Newfield Residents Feel About the Hurricanes

Ashley Howland, Contributor

Most people will say that if you are not involved in the tragic events that happen around you or in other places you won’t really be affected. For example, think about starving children in Africa. Most people are not affected because not seeing it makes it easier to ignore and maybe some people just don’t care. Is it just the same with hurricanes Irma and Harvey? 

I want to know if Newfield cares about what is happening to these people in Florida and Texas. Do Newfield students really care? Do they feel remorse for the people who have lost family members? Does the faculty? Do Newfield residents care?  I set out to find these answers by asking questions and interviewing the students, faculty and neighbors. About four out of five people didn’t care; in fact, there were only a hand full of people who really cared about the situation.  

As I went on asking questions, I found out that the people who did care were ones who had family and/or friends who lived down in Texas and Florida. For example, Gabe Wood-Ellis expressed his feelings and opinions on the situation. He said: “I didn’t care about hurricane Harvey, but I did care about Irma, because my friend lives in Florida. His house wasn’t affected but his neighbor’s house was. A tree fell down near them and their shed was destroyed.” 

Now as you can see he was not affected by Harvey but cared about Irma because his friend lives down there.  Autumn Hunsinger was more representative of most people’s views, “I understand how those people feel but I’m not really affected by it.”  

We see events like this almost every day, maybe the news has made it so that we are desensitized about situations like this. Maybe the world is just inconsiderate. As I sat and talked to Mr. Pfarrer we had a discussion about this topic. He brought to my attention the idea these things happen all the time, maybe not hurricanes but similar disasters.