The NBA: Week One


Evan Goldrick, Contributor

Week one has come to an end; there have been upsets, there have been injuries, and there have been rising stars coming for the famed Maurice Podoloff Trophy.  

After the long-awaited NBA season arrived the top teams are the Washington Wizards (2-0) and the Houston Rockets (3-0). The reigning champion hasn’t had as hot a start as the Rockets. The Warriors started 0-1 with a loss to the first seeded Rockets and finished the week with a 1-2 record from a win against the Pelicans and another loss from the Grizzlies. The fan favorite Cleveland Cavaliers from the eastern conference started 2-1 with a couple of wins over the Celtics and Bucks and a loss to the Orlando Magic. 

Injuries have always been a plague to the League, but very few seasons have started as rough as the current one. From Jeremy Lin going down in a game to the Magic with a patella injury on a contested layup to Gordon Hayward with a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia. This means that one of the best role-playing guards in the league is potentially out for the season on a rebuilding team, and that one of the star pieces of a championship contender may never be the same upon return, which may not even be this season. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a name many have heard in recent years, the 22-year-old 6-foot 11-inch small forward has been making a name for himself over the past four years in the NBA. Over the off season the recently retired Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant was setting goals for players, when Giannis came up though, Kobe made a statement. He challenged Giannis to win the Maurice Podoloff MVP award. Kobe challenged Giannis Antetokounmpo to elevate his level of play to MVP worthy and bring home the trophy.  

As years pass and dynasties fade there are always new names in the conversation, upsets, and injuries. This is just the start of the regular season though, there’s much more to come.