Students and Part-Time Jobs

Ashley Howland, Contributor

There are many students that have part-time jobs. Trying to balance school and work can be difficult at times, especially when you add sports into the mix. New studies found by US Census  shows more than 1 out 4 of high school students have a part time job. Many of my peers have jobs and create time for their jobs.

Some may think it is bad for students to have jobs because it can make them distracted, but it actually can teach them time management. “When working students have to measure out their time, they tend to be better planners as they make sure they complete every task expected of them on deadline,” said Darlena Cunha. She also said it helped them appreciate the money they have earned when they work for it.

If a student is a cashier it helps them with counting money. It also shows students a bit of the real world and teaches them it isn’t like high school; it gives them a bigger sense of responsibility. “It offers a much wider perspective on life, and mixing with people they might not normally have the opportunity to meet is a great eye-opener to the world around them,” said Tracy Morgan. It helps you experience new things, pushes you out of your comfort zone and into meeting new people.

As you think about it a part time job for a student is more beneficial to them than it is going to hurt them. Why not teach students the real world before they get pushed into it blind. It is also better for students to have experiences for college applications or even other jobs.