Three Ways to Build Muscle


Connor Adams, Contributor

Three of the best ways to build muscle is consistency, the right kind of dieting and for you to push yourself to work hard while lifting. Many people who lift weights find it very hard, have a good healthy diet and then there are people who only lift every once in a while, due to the fact that they are busy.  

One of the main things needed to gain muscle mass and strength is being able to make time every day to lift some weights. Consistency is the key to gaining as much muscle and strength that you can control. The reason consistency is good for muscle growth is because it gets your body in a routine so it is getting the right nutrients and getting the muscles what they need to grow. 

If you are looking to either lose weight or gain lean muscle it is very important you maintain a good diet so you can get your muscles all the right nutrients that they need. Throughout my lifting career so far, I used to not worry about what I ate. I would barely get like 2000 calories a day and at the start of working out I saw some gains but after a couple weeks I hit a huge plateau. Now that I have gained more knowledge of the whole process I have increased my diet to about 2500-3000 calories a day with a high intake of protein and carbs with some fat because I don’t want to cut that all the way out but since I’ve started this I have seen gains and gains consistently every week. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. Some people have a fast metabolism so it is easier for them to eat what they want and not gain a pound and then others have a slow metabolism so it’s much harder and they don’t need to eat as much. 

Last of the three major things that you have to do when lifting is push yourself every single day that you are training. Training can be brutal and very hard on your body but to make the most gains as possible you need to grind. Seven-time Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “You can have results or excuses… not both.” I have had many days over the last year or so where I do not feel like lifting but it is good to go in and push yourself and lift some weights, even if it isn’t your heaviest lifts that day. When I say push yourself I’m not taking about lifting so much that you hurt your muscles or joints. It is important for you to have good form when doing any kinds of lifts so that you don’t tear your body apart. Bad form can only lead to a damaged body in the long run if not immediate.