Five Year Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shooting


Atavia Denmark, Contributor

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary occurred on Dec. 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. Adam used a Bushmaster XM15-E2S (.223) and a Glock 20SF (10mm) for a total of 28 deaths. Did you know Sandy Hook Elementary shooting is the 17th deadliest school massacre by death toll?

Dec. 14, 2017 was the five year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting. Five years after the shooting took place, the victims have not been forgotten. It remains among America’s most heinous nightmares. The lives of the 20 innocent children, dancers and swimmers, pianists and painters, budding readers, little sisters and big brothers who were taken from this horrid world and their loved ones way too soon.

Taken with them on that cold Friday in December, just 11 days before Christmas were six adults killed by the same gunman, Adam Lanza as they all refused to abandon the smallest that remained among them.

Five years later, even those who have never even stepped a foot near Newtown, Connecticut, can picture the scene by police of a first-grade classroom transferred into a killing field. Parents and friends devastated to hear the news of their young ones and close friends.

According to CNN, “Since the 2012 massacre, a new school has been built for the students of a town known now and for years to come, as a cradle of sorrow, but also as the home of quiet resilience and untold love.”

The 12 girls, eight boys and six women whose futures were taken will still always be remembered. Charlotte Bacon, 6, Daniel Barden, 7, Rachel D’Avino, 29, Olivia Engel, 6, Josephine Gay, 7, Dylan Hockley, 6, Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, 47, Madeleine Hsu, 6, Catherine Hubbard, 6, Chase Kowalski, 7, Jesse Lewis, 6, Ana Marquez-Green, 6, James Mattioli, 6, Grace McDonnell, 7, Anne Marie Murphy, 52, Emilie Parker, 6, Jack Pinto,6, Noah Pozner, 6,  Caroline Previdi, 6, Jessica Rekos, 6, Avielle Richman, 6, Lauren Rousseau, 30, Mary Sherlach, 56, Victoria Soto, 27, Benjamin Wheeler, 6, and Allison Wyatt, 6.

Five years later, and with many more to come this horrible thing that took the lives of 28 creative, intelligent, outgoing, smart kids and adults, will always be in the heart of America and will never be forgotten.