Chris Baker Breaks The Newfield Record Not Once But Twice!


Hannah Brewster, Contributor

When Baker first started his track career, he was afraid to jump 5 feet for the high jump, but on Dec. 9, 2017 he broke the record of Newfield High school. The record originally was 5’8, Baker changed it to 5’10.  Then he broke it again on Dec. 15, 2017 to 6’2. 

Baker first stepped on to the Ithaca College track on Dec. 9, 2017. When he did he was very nervous, but he took off and jumped.  When he was told he had broken the record he was excited. Baker said, “When I first found out that I had already jumped higher than the record the previous year, I was pretty excited.”  He also said, “After I first broke the record, I was so happy, it was a huge accomplishment.”  

Then on Dec. 15, 2017 Baker stepped up onto the Ithaca College track once again, where he originally broke the first record. As nervous as he was, he did his usual preparation and took off.  As he jumped his teammates started cheering for him. When he was told he broke Newfield School’s record again for the high jump, he was even more excited. Baker said, “The second time I broke the record, I also hit the Auto- Matic Standard for state qualifications.”  

Ms. Grunder, Baker’s track coach, said, “I was overwhelmed with excitement because Baker has improved in such short time.” She explained how Baker when he first began track he used to always be nervous and he’d let his anxiety take over him. She can’t express enough how proud she is of Baker for improving in such a small amount of time.  

Baker said he plans on breaking the school’s record for the high jump in outdoor track. The record as of right now is set at 6’4. Will Baker be able to break it or will his anxiety and nervousness take over him?