Recovery and Return

Mackenzie Luby and Evan Goldrick

The return from any kind of injury is a long and arduous process; then imagine what kind of injury would take out an NBA MVP; now imagine putting that ACL injury in a high school standout prospect. Newfield High School senior Stephen LaBarge went down in the last football game of his career.  

Steve’s fans said that his return should be a slow and drawn out process to make sure he remains healthy for the remainder of his basketball career. When asked about his reestablishment on the basketball team, the High School CCR teacher Meredith Aidun said, “[she hopes] he does well,” and followed that up by saying that he needs to “overcome the fear and be mentally ready to play” in order to do well.  

Upon his return he had four minutes of game play with four points off of one three pointer and a free-throw in an important league win over Tioga. While his comeback may have been questionable, whether it was rushed or not, he still performed well off of a major injury and is only looking to get better and reclaim his spot on the starting lineup.  

The team had very high hopes for LaBarge coming into his first game, with the amount of playing time he got it was difficult to live up to those hopes though. LaBarge still managed to find his way into an efficient night. As games go on he will still be looking for a bigger role on the team and a larger part on the offense.  

He’s coming off of a solid junior year of averaging 14 PPG along with 4.5 RPG and 1.8 SPG; he’s looking to reach the same or higher level than he was playing at than before and this is a true test to see whether he’s capable of working through adversity. Only time will tell, but the family and friends around him all believe he has what it takes to become better than ever.