Garbage Truck Hit by Train Carrying Members of Congress

Hannah Brewster, Contributor

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On Jan. 31 at 11:30 a.m., a charter train that was carrying dozens of Republican members of Congress, one being Paul Ryan, struck a garbage truck and one person died.  

The chartered train had left Crozet West Virgina and was heading back to Charlottesville, when the train made contact with a garbage truck that was on the tracks. The train had appeared to be traveling approximately 50 miles per hour.  

According to Daily Mail, “Benny Layne, who lives near the horrific crash site and found the destroyed garbage truck on his property, told the Associated Press that the crossing arms had not been working properly for quite some time. He said the arms would stay down for hours at a time and he recently witnessed a line of cars waiting at the crossing after they were signaled to stop although a train was not approaching. Layne said several motorists eventually got out of their cars to help guide other drivers safely around the malfunctioning arms, so they could cross the tracks.”  

Rescuers transported a total of six patients to UVA Medical Center, including Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota who had to be examined for a concussion. The person killed was a passenger in the garbage truck; they were dead by the time rescuers got to the scene. The driver of the garbage truck was in serious condition.  


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