Exotics Aren’t Good Pets

Exotics Aren't Good Pets

Ashley Howland, Contributor

Many people own exotic pets. Owning something unique is fun and different, but it has drawbacks for you and the animals you might not even realize. The problem is it can be dangerous for the owner and the animal. One Green Planet said, “Exotic animals are not domesticated, which means they are still wild.” They had also stated that there is more tigers in captivity than in the wild. This is dangerous; there has been many cases of bears, tigers, and monkeys killing and harming children and people. According to PETA and Big Cat Rescue lists; “approximately 260 exotic cat attacks that resulted in injuries that were probably severe or fatal. Of this number, 89 occurred in zoos, and 50 of these zoos were or are AZA accredited. Around 60 were private pet owners, and 33 were private exhibitors. 37 were circuses, 17 were ‘sanctuaries’/charities, and 18 couldn’t be determined.”

If you really think about it how would you feel if a strange looking thing came to your house and took you away from your family, home and put you in a totally different area. Dan Meakin said, “It is inhumane the way exotic animals are taken away from their homes and families.”  

Most people don’t know how to take care of the animals properly. Monkey world in the UK has stated and proved that marmosets are being traded in the British pet trade. Most of the owners have had their marmosets taken from them from not being cared for properly. Certain animals have specific dietary needs. Unstable pets confirmed that marmosets have a specific diet; they also need a lot of room and sunshine. Monkey world takes in lots of marmosets and most of them are in bad shape. They develop a bone deficiency and it becomes painful to even move. Even if owners were to take good care of their diets, the marmosets still need lots of room and sunshine and most owners can’t provide this.

Exotic animals are dangerous; they can really hurt people. Not only can they hurt us, but we can hurt them. These are wild animals and shouldn’t be in regular households. If someone is keeping these animals they need to have the space, be able to feed them the correct diet and know what they are doing. They should be trained for it.