The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl

Evan Goldrick, Contributor

The Super Bowl is an annual event between two teams in the NFL who have gone through the regular season and playoffs and won their way to the final round when the entire world is watching. The two teams competing for the chance to be NFL champions were the historic New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  

Over Tom Brady’s amazing and hall-of-fame worthy career so far, he’s racked up five NFL championships. There are only 28 people to get that many rings in the history of the NFL as players and coaches, let alone just players. Only one other player in NFL history has accumulated five rings as a player, that being Charles Haley when he played from 1986-1999. 

On the other side of the ball there’s a rising star in Nick Foles, who has recently come off the bench for the Eagles for an injured Carson Wentz. Foles finishing his first super bowl added up a total of 373 yards on 65% pass completion and one receiving yard off a trick play.  

The final score ended up with the Eagles coming out victorious solidifying Foles as a solid NFL starting quarterback and giving the franchise its first ever championship. This also has given New England its 10th Super Bowl appearance in the past 35 years, where they’ve won five of those championship games. 

With this year’s new champion there may be a new great ready to cement his legacy in NFL history for all to see.