GMOs Might Be Good?

GMOs Might Be Good?

Ashley Howland, Contributor

There is approximately 7.6 billion people in the world, which is a lot of mouths to feed. As our population grows the demand for food grows. GMOs are what we currently use to help feed the growing population.

Some individuals are scared that GMOs may cause damage in the future to the people who consume them. Even though this has been said there has been no sign of effects. Scientific American said, “GMOs have had no effects on humans, we have been using them for a very long time. The side effects would have been present already.” Not only have GMOs been around for a long time; one of the largest grown crops is corn. Corn is actually man made so the corn you get from the store is technically genetically modified. A website made for students called Camp Silo said; “It is a human invention, a plant that does not exist naturally in the wild. It can only survive if planted and protected by humans.” This is common with a lot and fruit and vegetables we consume. For examples, bananas, strawberries and avocados.

The population is growing and it is not stopping. If we don’t use GMOs we won’t produce enough food to feed all the world. GMOs are actually helping us fight against climate change. The world is changing and so is the climate and we are not helping. Floods and other natural disasters are happening; the worlds getting hotter. With GMOs we can modify them to have resistance to climate change and make them stronger.

I think GMOs can help feed this growing population, help us adapt to climate change and there is no known effects on humans that is proven.