Should Teachers Include More Technology in their Classroom?

Should Teachers Include More Technology in their Classroom?

Hannah Brewster, Contributor

Yes, teachers should include more technology in classrooms because many kids learn better that way rather than reading and answering questions from a textbook.  

Wainwright said, “According to Pearson Foundation’s survey, more than six in ten college students and high school seniors agree that tablets help students to study more efficiently (66% and 64%) and help students to perform better in classes (64% and 63%).” Many students, including myself, would rather study off technology than writing words out and staring at flash cards or packets of paper for a few hours. Technology makes studying and focusing easier, well depending on the person.  

Wainwright said, “Another study centered on an iPad game, Motion Math, has shown that the iPad can help with fundamental math skills. Fifth graders who regularly played the game for 20 minutes per day over a five-day period increased their test scores by 15 percent on average.” Many kids would also play games to practice what they have learned on technology because it makes it easier to focus and more fun instead of reading out of a textbook or packet.

Wainwright said, “According to Open Colleges, 81% of U.S teachers think tablets can enrich classroom learning, and 86% of students believe that tablets can help them to study more efficiently.” Also, a lot of students tend to agree with the fact that they learn better and study better with technology because instead of carrying binders around or packs of flashcards around you just carry a computer, tablet, or any type of technology, which means you can do your studying or assignments anywhere (doctor’s office, in the car, while you are grocery shopping, etc.).    

The statistics show using more technology in classrooms not just for college students and high school students, but also elementary kids increases students test scores and find it easier to stay focused instead of daydreaming.