I Believe Homework is Harmful and Helpful


Michaela Teeter, Contributor

Many people debate whether homework is harmful or helpful. As a high school student, I feel as if it is both helpful yet harmful at the same time. Many students of all ages get assigned homework on a day-to-day basis. I feel as if homework is helpful as it challenges your brain to think and understand certain things that you may not know, but it is also harmful as it may severely stress the student out.

Many students feel as if homework is more harmful than helpful. Many teachers may think piling homework on a student is helpful, but it is the opposite of helpful. More homework results in more stress. Students usually work on homework for about two to three hours a night or more. Since this takes up a majority of their day, they will have less time to get together with their family and relax. “Piling on the homework doesn’t help kids do better in school. In fact, it can lower their test scores,” says Natalie Wolchover.

Even though a majority of people think homework can be harmful, and it has no effects on test scores and learning, in some ways it can be very helpful. Homework can improve the child’s memory and thinking. It can also teach the student to be responsible and to do things on time and effectively. Homework can also teach students time management as they may have to plan their homework out at certain times.

Even though many studies show homework is harmful to students it can still help them in certain ways. Homework is both harmful and helpful. I think teachers should still assign homework but not pile on homework. There should be due dates and extra time to work on the homework, so it will not cause stress to the student.