False Images, False Expectations

False Images, False Expectations

Ashley Howland, Contributor

Ever looked at a picture on a magazine and felt like you looked nothing like the beautiful woman on it? What people don’t know is most of these women are fake. Photoshop is what most editors use to make these models and movie stars flawless. They can even create beautiful women out of objects like pizza. The women are fake and so is their beauty. Editors might not understand what they are doing to the minds of people, making a false truth.

These false truths are making girls feel uncomfortable by their own bodies. Unrealistic body standards have made people feel as if they should look a certain way. These false pretenses have made it hard for young adults to accept their body shape. A student named Rebecca Weiner explained in an article from Statesman that she feels she has to look the way these models do to have the beauty these women carry. Multiple young adults may feel this way but what they are seeing is an unrealistic picture. Their wants, for these looks, will never happen. More and more individuals are starting to realize what this is doing to people, especially girls.

People like The American Medical Association are taking a stance and speaking up. The American Medical Association said, “altercations of the body through the process of photoshop can contribute to unreachable body image expectations.” This creates eating disorders or body shaming of peers. Even unphotoshopped models are persuaded by these ‘images’ to look a certain way, which makes them push themselves to starvation or puking the food they have ate.

There have been movements to stop the photoshop world and incorporate real women. An example of this is the “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove. Dove takes women from all shapes, sizes, and colors with any markings and makes them their models. These movements are becoming even more common.