Bradley Johnson, Contributor

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Prosperity: the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being. This term can be boiled down to two sides. Material prosperity and Mental prosperity. Material prosperity comes with all things physical: a nice car, a house, a good body or just money. Material prosperity is a goal for many people. Naturally, we want these new and typically costly things and in turn they will make us happy. That is where many people go wrong. While having financial goals isn’t something to be frowned upon, there needs to be understanding that true happiness and prosperity does not exist from material prosperity. True riches lie within mental prosperity. An individual chasing happiness in materials is like a dog chasing its tail. It is a never-ending cycle that simply does not hold the answers you seek.  

Mental prosperity is where the mind flourishes honestly. Money is money, and things are just things, but learn that these materials do not bring happiness. You cannot have true prosperity lie within materials, there are other factors associated with this. Mental prosperity is a mindset, an understanding of yourself. With this idea, you can prosper physical and at the same time prosper mentally. Yes, sadly money is a necessity in this life. We need money to feed a family, provide shelter and many other just reasons. Money and things are tools. It’s up to the user on how we use and acquire those tools. True, long lasting prosperity is about aligning your mental, emotional and physical states. As long as you have those three aspects in check, prosperity will be yours.