March Madness


Evan Goldrick, Contributor

March Madness can be important to many people for many things. For some it decides whether they get drafted to the NBA,  and for some it’s an escape from reality for a little while.

A lot of people can have their college legacies decided by how they perform in March. As college basketball comes to an end and Villanova wins the tournament it’s easy to say that they’ve made somewhat of a college dynasty over the past few years winning two of three championships.

There have been many stars uncovered in March such as Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis. There have been many people this March that have tried to cement their legacy such as the Oklahoma Sooner Trae Young and Kentucky star Kevin Knox II. Their seasons have been a ride of a lifetime for some, however they plan to go onto the NBA and chase their dreams as stars on the highest stage in the world.

Many NBA players have commented on Trae earlier in the season before his unfortunate run in March; he’s even been mentioned by the all-time Miami Heat great Dwayne Wade when he said, “if you haven’t tuned in you better.” Young posted 28 points, 5 boards, and 7 assists on 50% from the field in the Sooners loss to Rhode Island.

Kevin Knox II has had a great season for Kentucky; hitting big shots left and right to either assure they’re still in the game or to close out a victory. He finished the season in an upset loss against the Kansas State Wildcats where he posted 13 points and 8 rebounds. Not a stat line that really jumps out of the books, but impressive none-the-less on one of college basketball’s biggest stages.

As March Madness has come to an end and 63 teams went home defeated, there may be a new powerhouse that can hang with the names of Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky. The dominant Villanova may be creating a true dynasty to lead the NCAA for the next few years.