Exercise for a Better Life

Ashley Howland, Contributor

Everyone knows the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ That might help, but moving your body and keeping it active can do a lot as well. PLoS Medicine studies show that 5 days of 30-minute workouts will extend a person’s life an extra 3.4 years. It extends your life and prevents diseases, high blood pressure and heart disease.

This is not the only benefit of working out, there are many more. Everyone knows exercising helps regulates weight. Exercise doesn’t just help physically, it can help with emotional problems as well. Helpguide.org studies show if you exercise it can make you feel more energized, thus making an individual feel more up-beat and happy.

Exercise can do many things you would not expect. It promotes better sleep; MayoLife studies shows if you exercise during the day you are most likely to feel well relaxed towards the end of the day.

You can exercise by not only working out with weights or running, but also biking, hiking, swimming or maybe all three of these. In conclusion, exercise promotes great body shape, better health, extends your life and is fun. Why not try it? Don’t knock it until you have tried it.