Is Prom Worth It?


Taylor Edger, Contributor

With June coming around the corner, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Prom. Everyone wants to know who is going with who; everyone wants to know what people are getting to wear. I think the biggest question that should be on everyone’s mind is ‘How much does Prom cost?’

According to, prom can cost anywhere from $175 – $2,100. This cost is broken down into several categories: Prom tickets, Prom dinner, hair/make-up/nails/etc., Prom dress, flowers, formal photos, limo. Of course, not all the categories are required to have a good night at Prom, like limos and formal photography are more expensive and extravagant options – not for everyone.

Prom dresses are one of the largest costs for most girls. Here at Newfield, girls are spending an average of $210 on dresses alone, then another $50 on shoes. This is rather costly for most families, especially in our area. Then there is also the cost of the tickets themselves. For you and your date, it will cost $50 ($25 each) – and this is actually quite cheap for prom tickets. Some can cost over $50 a piece for relatively the same experience. Girls will also spend an additional $30 – $150 on things such and hair, make-up, and nails. All these costs, for pretty much the basic essentials for prom add up to over $300.

Of course, whether or not prom is worth this money truly depends on the person going. If you go to prom thinking it’ll be a crappy night, then no it’s not worth even the cheapest amount of money. But if you go looking to have a fun night with friends and maybe your date, then most will agree – Prom is worth every penny.