Perks of Working Right After School

Connor Adams, Contributor

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Have you ever been in the situation where you couldn’t make up your mind on whether to go to college or work right after high school? If you bring up this topic many people will say that you should go to college because it is the better choice to succeed in life, but there are many perks of going into the work force after high school. A couple pros of working after high school are you don’t rack up thousands of dollars of debt, and you gain the experience of taking care of yourself sooner and you can learn to appreciate school.  

If you do not know what you want to do when you get older, but it is that time to choose either college or going to work, I think you should choose to work. By making this choice you will be, ‘Earning Money Instead of Spending It.’ That means, that when you go to your job all day you will be earning money which you can save and spend on essentials that you will need. It also means that when you go to college, you spend the most of your time in classes and studying so it is hard for you to work to pay off your college tuition and payments (which can be up to tens of thousands of dollars). Let’s make a scenario where there are two people the age of 18. One goes to TC3 and the other gets a steady job that pays a little more than minimum wage so $14. A year at TC3 costs roughly $20,000 including tuition and room and board plus other fees, so that is about $40,000 total for two years. During that two years the other person was working 40 hours a week at $14/hour which totals $29,120 yearly. These numbers show that the person who went to college is about $40,000 in debt while the one who went to work has earned about $59,240 over those two years. 

Going to work after school gives you a head start on your own life compared to others who go back to get more schooling. By going into the work force and getting a stable income, it allows you to be able to get your own apartment which enables you to pay for your own bills outside of living with your parents. You will adapt more to the ‘real’ world because once you leave school your environment isn’t as controlled as if you were to go college.  

If you go to work after high school because you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet, it is okay. Many 18 year old’s have a difficult time deciding what they will do right after high school. If you choose to go to work and you find out that it wasn’t the right choice for you or you decide what you want to learn and do as a job later, you can always go back to school. If you choose to go back to school hopefully you have some money saved up. 

In conclusion, if you don’t want to go to college or something else gets in the way of it, it’s not a bad idea. Going to work will save you from spending thousands of dollars on college and you will learn how to take care of yourself sooner. And in the end if you don’t find working as your thing right away you can always go back to college. 

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