Scholarships Are Just Not Enough

Evan Goldrick, Contributor

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College athletes have been given scholarships for decades and while that is an amazing accomplishment, it’s still not good enough to support them potentially through four years of college. College athletes should be compensated for their work with more than just a scholarship.

Scholarships are worth a lot of money. Depending on where the student goes they could potentially getting $70,000 worth of schooling per year for free because of their physical abilities and athletic gifts. Many athletes are well off and can afford to support themselves as a student if they have their schooling paid for; however, there are also many students who come from well below the poverty line and need more assistance to live comfortably.

Students also could get injured and lose their potential to make money from playing the game that they love during college and that could potentially ruin their lives. Many students who go to Division I schools believe that they’re good enough to make the jump to playing professional sports with the likes of the Lebron James’ and Tom Brady’s in their respective sports. An example of this is a former Duke Basketball star named Jay Williams. While he may have had a career as a pro, he made a poor decision and that costed him millions of dollars. If he were paid in college he would have had much more to fall back on.

In conclusion college athletes should be paid for their work and dedication to the game they play.

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