Track Star Unnoticed

Ashley Howland, Contributer

Newfield is a small school and not much happens. We have a great basketball team, but everyone knows that. Our football team well, in the words of Mr. Githler, “sucks eggs.” What sports are the under noticed, sports that no one talks about, who does great and isn’t mentioned. There are sports who are shadowed by the basketball team. Why don’t we talk about the person who did amazing this year? This year in 2017-2018 we had a student do some amazing work and he is on the track team.  

Chris Backer is on the track team for Newfield Central High School and this gentleman does the high jump. Not only did he break the school record, he went to states. He was making history for himself and Newfield. Everyone had so many congratulations and great jobs for him.

Chris Baker was proud to have been where he was, but he was humble. When I had asked him what he got he would say he did jump six foot and three inches, but he would say it like he could have done better. He was in the papers multiple times. Newfield is small but maybe people like Chris can put us on the map. We will just have to see who the next Chris will be or who will make the Newfield name known in basketball the upcoming years.