Lucid Dreams

Hannah Smith, Contributor

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People have many songs that they can connect too and enjoy. Song can connect with people through feelings, emotions, problems, and their ups and downs that they go through. One song I enjoy is “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD. His full name is Jared Higgins; he was also born on Dec. 2, 1998. Lucid Dreams has reached number 74 on the top 100 hits; it has now earned 10 million streams. His song has sold 4,000 downloads; his whole track is now ranked at number 38 on the Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Songs.

This song represents the state in which a person begins to dream, but with enough experience they are able to change the dreams. He made this song to seem like he could have a Lucid Dream to avoid seeing his ex in his dreams by having lucid thoughts for good.

Many people face heartbreaks and such others and songs like this relate to people going through the same thing. Juice has had other songs pop up on the boards and they also relate to getting his heart broken but overcoming it by making it seem different than it is. Opening up about feelings is hard but having a way to express it along with everyone else to connect with it, is very helpful in ways.


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