The High School Experience


Heather Watkins, Contibutor

High School is full of ups and downs. You’ll meet people that had such a huge impact on your life that you’ll never want to forget, people you’ve never interacted with but know their name, and those that did you wrong. All of that is just a fact of life and something everyone will and maybe already has experienced in their high school career.

In less than two weeks the class of 2018 attending Newfield Senior High School will be walking into the school as students for the last time, opening their lockers, just to close them to start a new beginning, walking out of those schools to get ready to put on their caps and gowns to walk across the stage and accept their diploma. As Savanna Scott said, “Time has really flown by, and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to end my high school career yet.”

Putting all that they’ve know and grown comfortable with behind them and going out into the real world. “High school has been some of the best, and worse years of my life so far, I’ve met some really wonderful people here, and I wish them the best with life,” said Bradley Johnson. Whether some of them are ready for this next step or not, it’s happening. This is reality; everyone is going to go off and do their own things, whether that is college, straight into a career, or even the military. The Newfield Class of 2018 is next to take the step in finding out what the future holds.