The Story of Mr. Githler


Heather Watkins, Contributor

Mr. Charles Githler, previously a lawyer, switched his role to be a U.S. History teacher at the Newfield High School in the fall of 1994. Githler teaches U.S History to the juniors at Newfield High School along with a Business law class to a group of senior and juniors. Githler graduated from SUNY buffalo with his law degree in 1982. Githler was a lawyer for 10 years, mostly serving for trials ranging from personal injury to custody agreements. Githler says he was in about “30 or 40 trials, and that most cases were solved before trial.” When asked why he wanted to become a lawyer he answered that he was “motivated to become a lawyer because both his father and grandfather were.” After deciding being a lawyer wasn’t quite for him he decided to shift gears and become a teacher. Githler attended Nazareth College to get his teaching certificate. ” I was always a fan of history since High School,” he said. He graduated from Nazareth in 1994 and started teaching at Newfield that same year. He started teaching 8th grade and then moved to teach Global Studies in 2004 and then to US history in 2013. He taught Business Law for almost his entire tenure at Newfield.

Githler has also traveled to many countries; something many may not know. “I was a foreign exchange student in Germany when I was in high school,” Githler said. “I would most likely go back there because I still have friends over there.”

In 2004 Githler started to write columns in the Ithaca Times. He writes about local stories and a few witty poems here and there. He has written over 300 articles. His favorite article is “Becoming Modern: Ithaca at the Start of New Mechanized Era.” Githler has also wrote a few things for the Newfield News.