All About Nurse Schwoeble

Bradley Johnson, Contributor

Amy Schwoeble, previously known as Amy Peasle, is the current school nurse who tends to all the needy children of Newfield High. While it may be hard to believe, she wasn’t always a school nurse. Growing up, Amy really enjoyed Physical Education, and as a matter of fact that was her favorite class throughout High school.  After her four years of high school, Amy decided to follow her dreams in medical school. She was getting certified as an OB nurse to deliver babies. To get this degree she had to have a total of six years of schooling.

She originally started her degree at Brockport. She spent a total of four years there and then transferred to Corning for the remaining two years. After finishing her degree, she got a job as an OB nurse, but after doing it for a while she didn’t like that she was a pediatrics cover, so she declined the job. With the degree she went into Dialysis and she really enjoyed that job. She enjoyed it so much that she stayed there for a total of 15 years.

After fifteen years in the job, she was offered a job opportunity as a high school nurse at the school her children attended so she quit her job at dialysis and became a school nurse. She has been at the school for a total of three years now and is still going strong.