Harry Potter Series Review

Taylor Edger, Contributor

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One of the most renowned book series of our generation is Harry Potter. There are eight books set in the universe, each with a new fantasy adventure. The story’s main protagonist, Harry Potter is a hero, from nearly birth, prophesied to defeat the dark lord. Of course, it takes several years and books to even get that far. The books start by showing his early life in which his aunt and uncle who took him in as a baby abuse him. Harry was just a small boy made to do all the chores at the house, not allowed to have friends, and frequent target if his cousin’s game “Harry hunting” in which his cousin and his friends try find Harry and beat him up. Over the years and books, Harry finds support in the most unusual way. He attends the prominent wizarding school, Hogwarts. It is there that he makes his best friends and finds his mentors.

As you read these books, the theme gets progressively darker as Harry ages. The book series was designed to show how a child’s mindset changes as they grow older. The reader begins to see darker themes, such as death and fear and war. These books were meant to be read as they came out, letting the reader grow with the books. But they are also a wonderful read for a binge session or a series you want to get into.

I would recommend this book to anyone. Regardless of age, background, and taste, the Harry Potter series a great read. And then you can watch the movies too!

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